Facebook for tradesmen???

Mari Smith sets out five ways in which you can increase your Facebook engagement.

5 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement

They are:

1: Launch Creative Incentives
2: Post Highly Shareable Content
3: Build a Tight Community
4: Have a Quirky Brand
5: Be a Beloved Personality

The article starts off with an explanation of why Facebook engagement is important, so setting the backdrop for  what she considers to be five major ways of increasing that engagement.

I need to confess my scepticism to the use of Facebook as an ongoing marketing tool for most businesses. There is no doubt that it does work in certain areas but my current belief is that these business areas are very specific and probably less than 10% of all businesses are really “eligible”. Hence, while these five ways to increase Facebook engagement make good reading I would contend that they are not applicable to the vast majority of businesses.

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