Facebook launches Graph Search

Facebook launches Graph Search

So, is this hype? Or has Facebook really entered the search game?

Graph Search is unveiled as a product to search for people, places, pictures and posts within Facebook. “Graph Search is a completely new way for people to get information on Facebook,” says Mark Zuckerberg today (Jan 15th 2013).

The tool is in beta at the moment but Facebook eventually want to index all the posts and all of the content on the Facebook platform. As you would expect, there are situations where a search will lead to ‘zero results’ for some searches – especially in the early stages. Under these circumstances, Bing will be the backup search engine.

Read the full story here on the Guardian website Facebook launches Graph Search to aid users and take on Google

Or take a look at this news clipping from ABCNews

This could be the advent of a major change in the dynamics of internet marketing – and at a time when there is considerable unhappiness with Google and the way in which small businesses in particular have been hit.

What does this mean for small businesses?

1. Make sure you are building your brand presence on Facebook

2. Set up a Facebook advertising account and start to understand how the platform operates – not the same as Google Adwords

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