The major issue answered here helps me to dispel once-and-for-all a myth I am constantly coming across from website owners. They read (once) that Google likes to see fresh contents, and as such they have a weekly process whereby they go into key pages of their website and change around a few words!

I can at least now refer to a video where Google explains straight from the horse’s mouth – this is a complete waste of time and is not the correct interpretation of ‘freshness’.

Some pages, such as news pages, are related to searches where QDF (query deserves freshness) is relevant and as such need regular updating. This is the freshness Google is interested in seeing.

“The pitfall, the trap I would not fall into is: I have to have fresh content, therefore I have to randomly change content on my website” – quote from Google.
Is freshness an important signal for all sites? – YouTube.

What does this mean for Small Businesses?

‘Fresh content’ is NOT changing words on a web page!

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