Linkedin Ads

Linkedin Ads

Gretchen Egeberg explains the need to utilise advertising programmes within the social media platforms in order to maximise the exposure to our blog posts. In particular she goes through the basic procedure for Linkedin.

Whereas we might tend to think that simply posting a link in Linkedin to our blog post is enough, there is no doubt that considerable added exposure can be acquired with limited budget via the Linkedin Ads.

You can promote a post and either direct the traffic back to your website or direct it straight onto your Linkedin wall. Gretchen points out that one of the most important aspects is the targeting that can be achieved. And given that this social platform is best at getting close to a tightly defined audience, then the Linkedin Ad programme would seem an ideal added weapon to your marketing armoury.

LinkedIn Ads: The Social Marketer’s Ticket To Amplifying Organic Reach

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