Pinterest - new business accounts available

Pinterest – new business accounts available

Well it had to happen sooner or later. Pinterest now gives you the ability to set up business accounts. You can do this by either setting up a brand-new business account, or by changing your personal account into the business account.

Kristi Hines goes into some detail here and gives a pretty thorough explanation of the processes required to set up your account and how you might wish to exploit it in the business arena.

She has put up a section entitled “Pinterest Best Practices for Business” which is where most small business owners should spend most of their time. She talks about including a great image, including a short message about your business, including your verified website, and linking up your account with your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

She also explains how to monitor your progress within Google analytics and has spent some time looking at a couple of simple case studies to dramatise the points she is making.

The other area of interest to small business owners is during the signup/migration process where the section “get started with your new business account” explains how to start penning, how to drive traffic back, and how to grow your audience.

Pinterest Business Accounts: The Definitive Guide to Getting Started

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