Small Business Social Media – Where Do You Start?

A very useful introduction to the concept of utilising social media for small businesses. Christopher Bayes starts by identifying the major pros and major cons to getting involved in the social media marketing platform. The cons are primarily the lack of budget, time, or knowledge in getting the process moving. But as we have discussed here the search engine world has changed and we would suggest social media is a key factor in this new world and should not be ignored.

Christopher explains there are over 400 social media sites but that small businesses should focus on the major 6 of Facebook Business Page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, Google+ and YouTube. As with all marketing activities, efficient use of time/budget is a major task – which is where you might well want to consider using an agency like MfP Website Marketing who specialise in managing small campaigns for small businesses with a small budget.

Specific schedules and timings are recommended for these major platforms and the guidance is of great help to anyone new to the media needing to focus their energies/budget.

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