Very interesting take! Marilyn Bontempo gives her ‘take’ on social media marketing and how she sees it as a huge waste of time and resources.

In particular Twitter, Google+ and Facebook come in for a lot of criticism – and a lot of it quite valid I would suggest.

Social Media Overload – An Epic Fail for Business

All I can say is – this is a similar stance I was taking until not too long ago. But my views have been modified, not least by the fact the Google Panda and Penguin updates have changed the world of internet marketing for ever. I am not a fan of many of the excesses of social media – but therein lies the challenge. Use the bits that work and dump the rest.

Just as I said in my article Set up Google Authorship & Publishership – forget about the rest of Google+ for now. Authorship and Publishership is very important – forget the rest, its just not worth it! (at least for now, and maybe for ever)

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