the cost of getting it wrong

the cost of getting it wrong

This really does what it says on the label! And it is so important if you are writing blog posts, or are thinking of starting your own blog.
The Complete Guide to Using Images in Your Blog Posts

It’s all too easy to think you can simply go to another website, and use an image from their site on the basis ‘its free to use for anyone’. Using images on your post might land you in all sort of trouble – legal trouble.

This is a complicated area and John does a great job in pulling it all together to help us avoid the sort of financial costs many have endured.

The headings he covers are:

  1. The Legal Issues of Using Images
  2. What Does ‘Royalty Free’ or ‘Stock’ Really Mean?
  3. What About the Use of ‘Free’ Images?
  4. What about “Creative Commons”? What’s That? (after all the bas news – this is appreciated!)
  5. How to Attribute the Right Way
  6. Final Tips on Using Images in Your Blog Posts

What does this mean to Small Businesses?

If you are using images on blog posts, read this!!

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