This must surely be a no-brainer positive improvement to Twitter for all users. You are now able to download all tweets and retweets in a single file from Twitter.




Like me, there must have been a number of occasions when you have wanted to trawl through historical tweets that you have made in order to check out certain things. Maybe you wanted to check everything that had been tweeted to a certain @username or maybe you wanted to check every tweet where you used a certain #hashtag. Well you will be able to do that very soon.

The Twitter blog today ( announced the fact you will be able to download your twitter archive including tweets and re-tweets from the date your account was opened. You will also be able to search and sort that data in order to get the information you require.

Go to your account settings, and at the bottom, on the right, you should see a button that says “request your archive”. It tells you that a file containing your information, starting with your first tweet, will be prepared and a link will be e-mailed to you once the file is ready to be downloaded. As easy as that!

Twitter have announced that this rollout process has already started, starting with English-language users, and that it will be completed over the forthcoming weeks and months. I’m glad to say that my account is already activated and I eagerly await my notification e-mail!

What does this mean to Small Businesses?

You can now easily analyse your complete tweet history

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