2 targeted arrows at same visitor?

2 targeted arrows at same visitor?

Remarketing is a very useful tool within the Google Adwords armoury to help extract best value from your advertising budget.

The principle is quite simple.

  • A visitor comes to your website (possibly from an Adwords campaign) and then departs without a purchase. Under normal circumstances, this visitor may never return.
  • After leaving your site, the aforementioned visitor decides to visit a number of related websites looking for similar products or services or maybe just related products and services. Wouldn’t it be powerful if, while visiting these sites, your ex visitor saw an advertisement or special offer for your product on their website!?

This can happen with “remarketing”.

If those related websites carry Google Adwords then you can set up a special offer to appear to just those ex-visitors.

This is a very powerful mechanism which can deliver high click through rates.
Visit the Google help page here to see how to set up.

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