"Facebook Advertising for Small Business (SME)"

The major difference between PPC on a search engine and PPC on Facebook is that search engine PPC is designed to target the keyword being used in a current search with no real knowledge of who is doing the searching. Facebook, on the other hand, targets people based on a range of demographics and interests, and are never related to any specific search.

Facebook advertising offers targeting on a scale not previously known and it is taking over from more traditional advertising such as radio, television and print advertising.

Facebook has over 500million (and counting) active users who spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook.

The opportunity to target people by their location, age, sex or interests is now available to even the smallest of businesses. Local businesses are finding Facebook advertising extremely effective and, more importantly, affordable.

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An added benefit of Facebook advertising is that when used in conjunction with an effective social media marketing campaign, it can be used to build a following and establish a relationship with potential customers, unlike traditional advertising.  It is also much easier to measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaign and make changes to improve or diversify when necessary.

Having a Facebook account is not necessary, and ads linking directly to a website can be just as effective and easily measured.


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