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"Discover The 7 Secret And 'Immutable Laws' Of Directory Advertising"

When you're running a service business (any business!), getting a return on your advertising investment is crucial. The directories and particularly the Yellow Pages ® can play a major part in growing your business. But many people get it wrong - very wrong.

In fact many people conclude that, "Advertising directories don't work for my business." But it needn't be so.

The key to using advertising directories to your advantage is understanding these "7 Secret And Immutable Laws Of Advertising Directories."

Most people are so busy they simply don't have time to understand how directories work.

Think about it. Do you really understand the concept of advertising directories? Most people don't.

Having read these advertising directory laws, you'll be way, way ahead of your competitors…

Here Are The 7 Secret And Immutable
Laws Of Directory Advertising

Immutable Law One - Directory advertising is vastly different from all other advertising types, and must be treated as such

Directory advertising can (and should) be a superb lead generator, but remember you are competing head to head with dozens of your competitors. There's no other marketing tool where competition is so fierce!

Immutable Law Two - Recognise when people find you in the Yellow Pages ® they're ready to buy

Fact! People using directories are immediately excellent prospects for you. Whenever someone looks in the directory in your category they're interested in your service. This cannot be said in all other forms of advertising or marketing (with the possible exception of the classifieds).

When you advertise in the local newspaper your ad needs to grab the attention of the reader and convince them they need your service.

With directory advertising your ad still needs to grab the attention of the reader, however, your reader is already interested in your service. Therefore your goal is not to convince them they need your product or service, but to ensure they choose you over and above your competitors!

Immutable Law Three - You must prepare in advance

Many people leave the creation of their advert until the last moment. "Just repeat last years ad," or "Will you knock something up for me?" - are things that are said all too often.

Unfortunately if you want your directory advertising to be successful, you have to spend time on it. If you do you'll reap the rewards - I guarantee it.

And don't ever ask the directory people to design your advert. They design about 60% of the ads, and they all look the same. Sameness generally means unsuccessful and they don't truly understand what makes a successful ad!

Immutable Law Four - Your ad must be big enough to get your offer and message across

The Owners, Directors or Partners of many service businesses are simply happy to put single line entries, semi-display, or in-column ads in the directories, and then conclude directories don't work.

Here's a reality check: Single line entries, semi-display ads or in-column ads don't work. They hardly ever cover their cost. Why? Because you can't say enough about your business to convince people they should be buying from you or at least talking to you.

Don't fall into the same trap. Your ad needs to be big enough for you to tell the prospect why they should be calling you - and not someone else.

Immutable Law Five - Understand the 'Rule of 3'

Because directories group together different businesses in the same product or service category, people know they are going to have a good selection of companies to choose from.

It therefore stands to reason in 95% of cases every person looking in your category will follow the Rule of 3 (one of three possible options)…

· They'll choose one company to call or visit


· They'll choose two companies to call or visit


· They'll choose three or more companies to call or visit

Therefore your directory advertising MUST ensure your company is chosen in each of the cases above.

Immutable Law Six - You must achieve Law 5 or else…

If you don't achieve Immutable Law Five, your directory advertising will flop - it's as simple as that!

The only reason why directory advertising flops is because the ads fail to stimulate the prospect into calling the advertiser - over and above the rest of the competition. RE-READ THIS AGAIN!

Immutable Law Seven - You must create your ad with one purpose in mind - to achieve your primary objective

Law Seven ties all the previous laws together. It's the "mechanics" of your directory advertising. Your ad should be created to achieve your primary objective.

For many, this is to receive a phone call from the reader. For others it could be to receive a message on their free 24 hour recorded message. Others may want people to walk into their premises or store. The key is this. Your ad should be created to fulfil this ONE PRIMARY OBJECTIVE - and this one objective only.

Many people try to achieve several things with their directory advertising (and other types of advertising). You'll never achieve great success if you take this approach. One objective means one outcome. The outcome YOU want. Don't ever forget this.

One last thing and it's a biggy…

Design is NOT important. That's right you heard me right. Not important. Although I'll admit that design has some relevance in directory advertising, I've proven through the results of hundreds of ads, that design actually counts for as little as 5% to the success of your ad - or at least when you follow what I'm saying here. And it doesn't matter which part of the world you're living in.

Understanding the "7 Immutable Laws" shows why so many people fail with their directory advertising.

I think I'd be right in saying now you know these 7 Secret Immutable Laws Of Directory Advertising you can skyrocket your success.

You know what to do…

You know what to avoid…

Apply what I've told you in this article and your directory advertising will help you get more sales, more customers and more profit!


Are you getting what you want from the Yellow Pages?
Can you be sure your Yellow Pages advertising is working for you?
Have you ever considered alternatives to your Yellow Pages advertising?

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