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1. Double Your Response With This Proven And Simple Fax Advertising Technique That Almost Everyone Never Uses

2. The Myth And The Reality Of Broadcast Fax Advertising - The Untold Story!

3. Using Fax Broadcast To Generate Dozens Of Leads And Appointments For Your Service Business

4. Broadcast Fax Advertising: How To Use A Proven 'Success Format' To Multiply Your Response

"Broadcast Fax Advertising: How To Use A Proven 'Success Format' To Multiply Your Response"

Broadcast fax has many advantages - it's cheap, it's very effective, and it provides instant results.

If you don't currently use broadcast fax as one of your advertising and marketing tools you're wasting a golden opportunity.

Many of us actually loathe broadcast fax. We receive unsolicited faxes, which wastes our paper. However with the right target, the right offer, and the right approach, broadcast fax can be one of your most effective advertising and marketing weapons.

Unfortunately most people haven't the foggiest idea of what works and what doesn't work. Many end up using an approach that mirrors what most other people are doing - and most of it is rubbish!

Using A Broadcast Fax 'Success Format' Is The Key…

You'll be pleased to know that there are just two proven approaches or 'Broadcast Fax Success Formats' to use. Both these formats although very different from each other are extremely successful.

So forget about what you may have done before, or what you see coming out of your own fax machine. I'm going to explain both broadcast fax 'Success Formats' to you.

Here's the good news…

Both formats are extremely easy to use. They don't rely on any design skills and you'll be able to master both of them very quickly. Sounds unbelievable doesn't it? Well you'll soon see for yourself this is no BS!

Before I give you my secret fax broadcast formats I want to briefly explain the principles on which they are both based.

There are two types of advertising:

1. Institutionalised

2. Direct Response

Both of my broadcast fax 'Success Formats' are based on direct response advertising methods.

It's therefore important that you understand the basic differences between the two approaches, and why direct response methods are so much more successful. Understanding these differences will convince you to follow what I'm saying, and I need you to do this to guarantee your success.

I would say 99% of people still use what's known as 'Institutional' advertising. This is advertising that doesn't ask for a direct and instant response.

It is characterised by ads that have the company name as the headline at the top of the ad… Very little copy on the ad… A list of products or services provided by the company… Lots of white space… No incentive to call now… etc.

Just pick up any newspaper, magazine, Yellow Pages ® Directory or look at any broadcast fax you've received. You'll see this type of ad all over the place. Those using institutional advertising are losing thousands of pounds.

Conversely using direct response marketing techniques (i.e. those characterised by powerful headlines, large amounts of copy written in a very personal style, cluttered ads, a reason to call now etc) will help you increase your responses many times over - and skyrocket your profits!

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised when you see how simple each broadcast fax success format is. Don't be fooled. The formats are not simple to make your life (and mine) easier. They're simple because simple is what works. Hundreds of thousands of pounds in sales and profits are a testament to this.

Here's A Breakdown Of Each Broadcast Fax Success Format…

Success Format One - 'Editorial' Fax Broadcast

Although both broadcast fax success formats are as successful as each other, this is my personal favourite. Here's what constitutes an 'Editorial Broadcast Fax…

1. Benefit written headline across the top of the page
2. Your text is placed in three equal columns across the page just like a newspaper
3. Insert a 'drop cap' (a large and bold first letter of your first word) at the beginning of your text - to lead the reader into your copy
4. Use at least one testimonial
5. Sprinkle your text with benefits - not features
6. Use a fax back coupon (this in itself will double your response!)

When you adopt this approach your broadcast fax will look just like a newspaper editorial. And that's why it's so successful. People find it almost irresistible to read!

Success Format Two - 'Personal Memo' Fax Broadcast

This success format simply uses your current fax template that you send to people on a daily basis. It's just like you are sending a personal fax message to a customer/client. Follow these simple steps…

1. Your benefit headline goes in the 'Subject Line'
2. Your fax is written as you'd write a personal letter
3. Indent the start of every paragraph
4. Sign the fax yourself at the bottom

That's all there is to it!

Believe me these Broadcast Fax Success Formats are very powerful. Of course there's more to it than just selecting the correct format, but your success will increase when you adopt either of these approaches.



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