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21 Unexpected Places To Find Your Writer’s Muse

A well presented piece by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt who describes herself as an anorexia survivor, self-love ambassador and  body image expert.

Its interesting that the images have been well thought-through and certainly add to the ‘entertainment’ of the article. Well worth a read where she lists:

  1. The gym
  2. The mall
  3. The train station
  4. The airport
  5. The beach
  6. The rooftop
  7. The city
  8. The country
  9. Your home
  10. The bus
  11. The grocery store
  12. The mountains
  13.  The coffee house
  14. The book store
  15. The spa
  16. The movies
  17. Your bed
  18. The playground
  19. Your grandparents’ home
  20. A foreign country
  21. College

Very inspirational – I’m just off to the Travel Agent to fulfil Number 20 !!

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