It is very interesting to see how corporate images have changed/evolved/modified over time – especially if ‘time’ can be over 100 years!

The Logo Co have put together this infographic looking at the logos of the leading corporations – Pepsi, Shell, Xerox, BMW, IBM, Canon, Kodak, Volkswagen, YMCA, Apple, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft Windows.

Many of the designs were definitely ‘of their day’ and as such you have to congratulate the design teams for their interpretation of what was/is current good design.

(Can I add a small aside for small businesses at this point? In 33 years of marketing, the biggest waste of time/effort/budget by small businesses, in my view, has been the inappropriate focus on logo design. So while this infographic is of academic interest, I would recommend small businesses to get on with marketing of their business rather than considering a logo redesign)

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Dr Ian Smith

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