A recent article spelled out the huge impact on small businesses by the latest changes to the Google algorithm. The study is based on US data and US observations but there is no doubt the same scene is being played out here in the UK also.

The really sad impact is the effect it has had on business closures in the US. Anyone spending any time on the SEO forums will read of countless stories of businesses who had geared up for greater business by investing in larger premises, more employees etc. only to see their on-line sales fall off a cliff.

The only silver lining here has been the fact that there does appear to be a softening of these algorithm changes over recent weeks as stated in the article – “After a few months of the analyzing the Penguin update we started to see improved rankings. This falls right in line with a later Panda update that was publicized and gives indication that Google pulled back some of the updates that shook the industry so hard. But will this algorithm stay?” But for some businesses it is all too late.

There is an overall trend appearing with Google. They are focusing more and more on generating income from their search engine pages, and squeezing out the organic rankings – especially for small businesses. I suppose this can only carry on for so long before something has to give?

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