How To Influence People

A very well thought through and presented article explaining some of the psychology behind how human beings can be influenced.

The target for the article is the owners of businesses with the idea of helping them to improve business results. However, it is much more than that with many of the points raised supported with solid scientific data.

I would really recommend you read the complete article which can be found here.

17 Lesser Known Ways to Persuade People

The 17 methods to persuade people are:

1. Be confident, talk fast
2. Swearing can help influence an audience
3. Get people to agree with you first
4. Balanced arguments are more persuasive
5. People believe you more if they sit in the evidence
6. Upsell a product that cost 60% less
7. Frame it in the positive
8. The paradox of choice
9. If something happens often enough, you will eventually be persuaded
10. Men are more responsive to email than face-to-face talk
11. Limiting the quantity you can buy makes you buy more
12. Story beats data
13. Marketing to men? Use photos of women
14. Want to convince leaders? Make them feel less powerful
15. The Sullivan Nod
16. Clarity trumps persuasion
17. 87% of people believe everything if there’s a percentage in it

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