5 Ways Microsoft adCenter beats Google AdWords

We need to be paying much more attention to Bing Ads. PPCHero are very much the gurus on all thing PPC – so pay attention to concise comparisons like this.

Sam Owen sets out the following points where he believes Microsoft Adcenter is superior:

  1. Quality Score Reporting – more detail such as a historic report to help identify actions that might have inadvertently reduced your Quality Score.
  2. Negative Keywords Conflict Reports – helps identify where the inclusion of some negative keywords might be losing desirable clicks.
  3. Share of Voice Reports – find out why you are losing impressions, budget? ranking?
  4. Search Partners Only – where, if you want, you can choose to advertise Search Partners Only.
  5. Monthly Budgets – rather than daily budgets.

Although he does also point out that Adcenter is weaker in a few areas, notably Ad Extensions and Remarketing.

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