Pinterest has evolved into the ‘new kid on the block’ in recent months. The problem is (from a business owners viewpoint), is this new social media platform of any benefit?

This article explains some of the basic such as the basic principles of using the platform, and discusses some business basics such as Driving Traffic to Your Site, Boosting Your Keyword Strategy, Identifying Pins that Convert, and Encouraging Natural Links.

Our own view is that this platform is of little benefit to your business UNLESS you are image-focused. Photography, art, fashion, etc are business sectors that will obviously benefit but let’s be honest – accountants? Solicitors?

Of course the majority of businesses fall somewhere in between these extremes. A builder? Well, yes if you are involved in attractive projects and/or have an interest in architecture. No, if you simply build house extensions!

Kira has set out here an explanation of some Pinterest basics. A Beginners Guide to Pinterest

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