Facebook and Yahoo are holding talks to develop a joint search engine, The Daily Telegraph has announced.

The next search engine milepost might well be the deal currently being discussed between Facebook and Yahoo at Secret Talks To Make A Facebook/Yahoo Search Engine.

Facebook are anxious to acquire/develop its own search engine especially as it is having huge problems monetising the brand.

Yahoo is in need of rejuvenation, so the link-up is especially intriguing given the current arrangement it has with Bing.


A very thorough piece by Glenn Gabe was recently posted which takes us through the major aspects of this long-awaited event – Facebook SEO and BeastRank: 12 Potential Ranking Factors for the Upcoming Facebook Search Engine

Glenn points out that the revenue implications for Facebook is massive. There is no doubt Facebook has found it very difficult to monetise its offerings and this would make an enormous difference to its chances. Facebook uses Bing for search at the moment and probably has a volume equivalent to 30% of Google it is estimated. That’s without really trying!

Glenn discusses the likely drivers for the algorithm – and we can all guess how much more social signals might well play in that concoction.

Considerable discussion here, so you will need to grab yourself a tea/coffee before you sit down to read the contents. Let’s see how much of this is still valid 12 months from now.


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