Google Authorship

Google Authorship

[First published – September 2012]

How Google’s frequent changes affect your SEO.

Google, the king of search engines, has made some huge changes to the way it does its stuff.

Most small business owners already have trouble with the concept that search engine rankings never stay the same – your site’s position within Google can (and probably will) fluctuate dramatically and without regular SEO work will, in all likelihood, simply drop off the end of the world.

How then do you get your head around the fact that, despite consistent and careful SEO, your site has still disappeared from that all-important first page of Google?

Your SEO used to work, now it doesn’t. Your instinct no doubt is to do more, but don’t! In fact, whatever you have been doing, stop now!

It’s not you, it’s Google…

The clever bods at Google are constantly updating the algorithm used to allocate page ranking – it changes up to 500 times a year. Most of these alterations have little or no impact on your rankings, but every now and then along comes a big one.

And the recent changes were massive, causing dramatic changes to website rankings and requiring a complete overhaul of SEO strategies.

In 12 years of studying SEO I have never known a change like it.

Google appears to be on a mission to bypass unsophisticated SEO and reward good, informative, well-written and frequently refreshed content on popular, active websites.

It’s not quite as simple as that and many factors in good SEO have remained, but make no mistake – these changes have turned the SEO world upside down and it is a good idea to understand these before continuing your SEO campaign.

For now, remember that Google is penalising mass production of pointless, low quality links so keep it real and keep it relevant!

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