How to Earn Backlinks for SEO the Right Way

The author makes some very generalised points concerning participating in blogs and blog writing.

However, the author talks about this as if the user has just cleansed themselves by using the new Google Disavow tool that was launched a week ago. The principle being that once you have cleaned up your act from all your misdemeanours over recent months and years, this is the new clean, white path you should be taking.

I do not see the Google Disavow Tool in this light. In fact, I’m wholly unsure of its value to Webmasters and business owners whose websites have been hit by the Panda and Penguin updates.

By launching this tool Google are implying that they are unaware of the bad links that may be pointing at our websites and that if we “come clean” and help them then we will be rewarded with better rankings.
My inclination is that Google is already well aware of these aforementioned bad links and have already discounted them via their algorithm. As such, there will be no improvements to rankings.

Am I getting too cynical?

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