shopping cart problems?

The Google Panda update has had a huge impact on many e-commerce websites all over the world. The author points out that this algorithm change was intended to attack websites that were involved in tactics such as link farms. He raises the issue that many e-commerce websites bear resemblances and characteristics of link farms.

This is due to the fact that shopping cart websites usually have many many pages that can contain many many products, and many of those products are almost identical. Therefore, when pages are analysed by the search engine it believes it has seen poor quality pages being replicated unnecessarily in order to gain unfair improved rankings.

The author suggests some basic tactics that should be considered when reviewing the structure of your own e-commerce website. They include:

  • Bundle together similar product options on a single page
  • Create greater variation between pages
  • Remove unnecessary products/ duplicate pages
  • Place non-index commands on product pages

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