Squeeze them web pages!

Search engines are now looking at the speed of download of websites as part of their algorithm for ranking, as the Google video here clarifies.

Although as we make clear, only 1 in 100 sites is probably affected negatively in the search engine rankings by any speed problems. The major benefit to improving download speed is the improvement in user-experience.

Well, there are a number of elements that might be slowing down your site – but one of the most powerful over-riding methods to reduce download time is ‘compression’.

Compressing all the elements of your web page (and there could be many files) can be applied from your server.

To test to see if your site is being compressed and hence downloading faster, try this tool here:

HTTP Compression Test

If you really want to understand all the technicalities, then try here – the article is quite old, but still valid and well explained.

What does this mean for small businesses?

Generally, you will need to talk to your webmaster or hosting company to carry out any changes – but it might be very beneficial to do so!

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