Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Make the web faster with mod_pagespeed

This hour-long video explains the story.

While this is of great interest to those technically orientated amongst us – most of us small business owners will not be interested in this detail.

However, the key fact for us to take from this is, as Google says “mod_pagespeed is a key part of our goal to help make the web faster for everyone. Users prefer faster sites and we have seen that faster pages lead to higher user engagement, conversions, and retention. In fact, page speed is one of the signals in search ranking and ad quality scores.

Google is committed to fast-loading webpages. Keep an eye on the speed of your own pages – especially via Google PageSpeed Insights | Google Developers where you can simply add any webpage address and test it’s speed. The facility provides recommendation as to what needs to be done to increase the page speed.

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