Google has announced that the international rollout for Google Shopping will commence from February 13, 2013. We have been waiting for many months for this announcement given the fact that the system has been fully operational in United States since October 17, 2012. The company has also clarified that the UK system should be completed by the end of June 2013.

The ranking in Google Shopping will be dependent upon a combination of relevance and bid price.

The biggest problem of course has always been the product listing process which can get very complicated if your online shop contains products from a wide range of sources/manufacturers.

On a related note, Google has released a video below which it says simplifies The Product Listing Ad Process – which can be set up from your Merchant Centre.

“Google Simplifies The Product Listing Ad Process” – she says. Well, it may be simpler to build the ads, but the issues affecting developing the data feed INTO your Merchant Centre can still be problematic.

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