We have been having some trouble with a few clients recently, attempting to move their Google Places listing over to the new Google+ Page. The process was not working, and unfortunately Google decided they needed to send another card through the post (snail mail).

However, this morning, my client received an email stating:

Congratulations, I have expedited your request to verify your local +page.

It looks like you have requested a postcard PIN to verify your +page, but I have manually reviewed your page and verified it. You can discard the postcard when you get it in the mail.

Remember to keep the information on your page up-to-date by editing in your Google+ account. Please note that after you verify, changes you make to your page may be subject to review before being published. Learn more at http://support.google.com/business/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=2566475&p=edits_policy

My first reaction was that it was rather helpful of Google responding in this way. But I then remembered the array of problems that has existed with different clients on Google Places over the past 12 months and the fact that (until now) it has been a big problem trying to get them resolved.

Anyone else seen this happen? Does it not demonstrate that the Google+ migration process is having some issues and the automated systems are failing?

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