Bing Product Listings Ads?

Bing Product Listings Ads?

In response to the launch of the new Google Shopping system, Bing has announced it’s own Bing Product Listing Ads version to be released sometime within the next 10 months.

The team at WebProNews have dug up some interesting information concerning the Bing plans here, the most notable being:

  •  Bing Product Listing Ads should be released during 2013
  • Bing claims will be different to Google so will not ‘pretend’ the results are organic when in fact Google’s are 100% paid for
  • Bing will use a combination of free as well as paid-for Product Listing Ads

Additionally, it seems Bing are working on Bing Ad Express (for Small Businesses) and Click-to-Call ads with Skype integration.

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