Looking for local businesses nearby?

Looking for local businesses nearby?

Facebook is taking another swipe at Google, this time by introducing a potential rival to “Google Places/Google Local/Googe+ Places” (what is this Google thing called now??????).

Discover New Places with Nearby at Facebook explains that Facebook has announced “updates to Nearby in the Facebook for iOS and Android apps that make it easy to discover new places your friends like.” This is clearly only the beginning of a much larger effort to move into providing more local business information to Facebook users and hence another source of revenue in months/years to come.

In case you are not aware, a Facebook user can check-in to a place on their mobile and hence tell their friends where they are. I assume this is a means of impressing one’s friends by name-dropping trendy retailers/clubs/bars/etc? Never used it myself – until 30 minutes ago when I decided to tell the world I had checked into my own office!!

Anyway, now additional businesses will be offered up for us to consider that are located nearby.

Greg Sterling does a great piece here where the whole topic is looked at in more detail. The ranking will be based on a number of criteria and Greg’s recommendation is to ensure you have a Facebook Page (or it won’t show up anyway), ensure all the information like opening times, address, etc are correct and updated, make sure it is listed in the correct category, and entice as many people as possible to check in to your business, rate your business, recommend your business, etc.

What does this mean for Small Businesses?

Get your Facebook page up-and-running with all the relevant postal details, phone numbers etc.

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