Do You Like The New Facebook Privacy Policy?

Do You Like The New Facebook Privacy Policy?

Considerable controversy since Facebook modified it’s Privacy Policy again recently. This has come as a result of a HUGE change that is about to hit the internet – namely, the launch of Facebook Graph Search, it’s very own search engine.

Facebook launches Graph Search to aid users and take on Google

Facebook Gets Into Local Search With “Facebook Nearby”

We discussed this back in February where we suggested you should prepare your Facebook presence by:

  • Focus on ‘likes’ again – likely to appear ‘back in fashion’
  • Create photo albums – to enable your photos to appear in search
  • Optimize for Bing – Bing is the default search engine if a search fails
  • Wash your Faceensure your content contains no undesirable posts/content

Cancel Your Facebook Account?

Of course, if you are unhappy about the way all this is progressing, you can always ‘opt out’ from Facebook and cancel your account. Is so, just follow the simple instructions/screen-shots here and its all done. Otherwise, take a look at the great infographic below that sets out the results of research into how most of us feel about these policy changes.

FacebookPrivacyIGInfographic by WebpageFX

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