Google Now Reports “Practically 100%” Of Manual Actions

For almost two years now, Google has been introducing a number of algorithmic filters or “updates” that have had a noticeable impact on some sites beyond its usual algorithmic tweaks. Panda to fight sites with poor quality content, Top Heavy to prevent sites “top heavy” with ads from ranking well, Penguin to better combat web spam, Pirate to penalize sites with many copyright complaints, EMD to prevent poor quality “exact match domain” sites from ranking well.

You can positively impact on your rankings by modifying your site to better comply with the requirements of these updates. THEY ARE AUTOMATIC algorithmic changes.

Conversely, this is different to your website being penalised and you receiving a written message from Google. And Danny Sulivan now confirms that these messages are now pretty much ALWAYS due to manual intervention by a real human being. Under these circumstances, the only way to remove that penalisation is to file a reconsideration request.

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