Google Dashboard - up and running?

Google Dashboard – up and running?

The migration from Google Places to Google+ Local has been fraught with problems. Many business owners trying to follow the Google rules on what to do have found it confusing and  frustrating. We discussed this in a recent post Google Places Dashboard Upgraded With Google+ Local Integration.

The new Google+ Local dashboard was recently launched in the US and it seems it has now been rolled out to the UK as of this week.

The Google page explaining the new dashboard is here.

Maybe the most useful document is here where a Google representative explains what actions you should take – depending on the particular set of circumstances you are experiencing.

There is no doubt this has been the biggest (positive) development with Google Local/Places/Maps in well over 12 months. It would appear that more improvements are on their way.

What does this mean to small businesses?

Visit!topic/business/I0Royu8V9x8 and follow the advice on how to ensure you get your Google Places for Business up-and-running as smoothly as possible.


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