A Google video maybe explaining what many of us see all the time?

How many small businesses have been hit by Google in the past 12 months and yet there still seem to be swathes of high-ranking/poor-quality sites taking over?

The question posed to Google was:

I’ve seen multiple websites that appear in the #1 spot for various keywords, whose backlink profiles are pretty low quality (i.e. lower quality blog pages). Why wouldn’t Penguin have moved these sites further down in rankings?

Google go on to explain there may be a number of factors:

  1. Penguin is geared for spam, but not every type of spam. So the spam that drives a website to the top of the listings might be the ‘undetected’ type of spam.
  2. The Google algorithm isn’t good enough yet – so the website slips through the net. If so, by all means send Google a spam report.
  3. You might be seeing an incomplete list of all the links pointing to this website.

My own take on this is that points 1 and 2 are pretty much the same point, and that point 3 is highly unlikely.

So ! The reason that many undeserving/spammy sites get to the top of Google after the great efforts made by Penguin and Panda is …………. the algorithm isn’t good enough (yet).


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