Google image search

Google Image Search

A useful article by Chris Barnwell where he explains the ease with which you can (and should) optimise your website images for Google Image Search.

Google Image Search results are being shown in more and more search queries, meaning your images may show up higher in the SERPS than some organic search results for web pages. Given how relatively easy it is to optimise an image, then its obvious we should be spending just a little more time on optimising our website images – no?

Chris gives us the major areas to consider:

  • Use informative filenames – it stands to reason that this can give Google important clues about the content of the image.
  • Use ALT text – make it descriptive and use major keywords.
  • Use anchor text – use descriptive keyword as the link text TO the page that contains the image.
  • Proximity counts – so the words in-and-around the image will aid ranking. Captions are good for this.
  • Image relevance – obvious and related to the above point. Make sure the image is relevant to the page copy.
  • Protect your images and Think of human users too – so make sure your images are of good quality and (for your own benefit) protected.

How to Rank Well in Google Image Search by Chris Barnwell.

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