Go for the long-tail!

Go for the long-tail!

David Mihm has been working in the “small business” Internet marketing world for eight years and has steadily built up a reputation with his following of Google Local over many of those years.

He makes a number of very interesting points in this document which is well worth looking at in detail if you have time. The overriding conclusion though is that small businesses must focus on generating sales by targeting long-tail search terms on their websites.

  1. Search engine marketing (SEM) has grown so much that it is now dominated almost totally by big spend advertisers. It is almost impossible for the average SME (small medium enterprise) to compete in this world given the cost per click and the relatively low conversion rates achievable. SMEs must focus on organic traffic from long-tail search terms.
  2. By default, prospective customers using long-tail search terms and finding your website will be high quality visitors because they will be finding exactly what they need once they land on your site.
  3. Those small business websites that have never been optimised can benefit enormously by range of very simple optimisation processes. Therefore, a significant jump in traffic could be achieved with a relatively small amount of input. I would certainly agree with this point as I have achieved this myself with some clients over the years.

I would strongly recommend all small businesses to consider setting up a blog on their websites and actively grow that blog on a monthly or weekly or daily basis. There is no doubt that blog posts can act like magnets to long-tail search terms due simply to the volume and quality of content within those blog posts.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Long-Tail Clients

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