Nell Terry looks at a subject very close to my heart. As a traditional marketing man (32 years in the profession) I have long been sceptical about the claims made by (non-marketing) people on what a terrific tool social media marketing is. Invariably, these articles are written by journalists with next-to-no marketing experience and have never marketed anyone else’s products.

So the fact that Nell starts with “Defining Your Goals” means we are already taking a more strategic approach to the subject.

But unfortunately, we seem to have laid out in front of us again the basic facts about how the major social media systems work rather than analysing where certain systems work effectively. In particular, Facebook seems to fail most businesses – in my view.

As one of the comments stated “I have heard times without number the benefit of the social network to businesses, but I am yet to see companies come forward to testify how theses social media has boosted their sales especially Facebook. How many companies have increased leads through Facebook?”

How many indeed?

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